You are welcome to apply to become a member of the Haviland Club. We welcome new members, who bring new voices and ideas to add to our community. Men and women of all ages are welcome to apply.

Here are four good reasons to consider becoming a member of the Haviland Club.

1. Things to do. We have a number of clubs within the Club: book club, craft club, darts night, writer’s circle and a variety of cards. We have two full size billiards tables; we go out occasionally to Saturday Afternoon at the Races. Fishing is available at the Officers’ pond for an additional fee. And we are in a bit of a music lull, but like to present music on Wednesday evenings and are hoping to do so again soon. If there is something a member would like to do, and like to help make happen, it can be done.

2. Socializing. Events such as special dinners and parties, trivia nights, scotch and wine tastings, golf tournament and more, depending on the interests of members. Friday nights are special at the Club, with socials or $5 Fridays, where a member or caterer provides dinner for a cost of $5. Fridays are special, but you can drop by almost any evening.

3. Beautiful space. Simply put, the Haviland Club is a lovely place to be. On an evening, on a dull day or any time you feel like a change of scenery, sit by marble fireplace or in a sunny window to read a book, play the tuned piano, wireless internet, listen to music or socialize. Our pleasure in the building is a big part of our joy in the Club.

4. Member pricing. Members enjoy reduced pricing for room rentals personal events and meetings; to participate in Club activities; and for purchases at the bar, and for coffee and tea. But the great benefit of being a member is friendship. It’s growing and maintaining your social network, and developing a new group of people who care about you.

Friday evening is a good time to stop by, join the Friday evening social (4:00-6:00pm) and talk to Club Members and Executive Members about the Club and start your application.

It’s suggested that, to live life fully, everyone needs a third place—not home, not work, but a third place to go to mingle, socialize, and discover who we are and what we enjoy. In Europe its the cafes, in England the pubs, and in Charlottetown, its The Haviland Club.

After work. Away from home. Your third place.