The Haviland Club is currently accepting new member applications from men and women.

Membership entitles individuals and couples to events, or discounts on events, which are not available to the public, and – and this is what we value most – to become part of a growing and interesting community of friends. Whether forty years old or eighty years young, once you’re a member of the Haviland Club there is no reason ever to be lonely or bored. You always have a safe, fun place to go, to be among friends.

Annual Haviland Club membership fees have not risen in almost a decade.

The regular membership fee – $185  per individual + GST – entitles membership for one year, from October 1 to September 30 of each year. The fee is currently pro-rated for those who join in January or later.

A special rate of $120 + GST is offered for those whose primary address is off-Island, and who thus are not in a position to access the Club at all times.

In addition, there is a fee of $150 +GST for individuals who choose to become members of the Officer’s Pond. To become a member of the pond, it is necessary to be a member of the Haviland Club, and to pay the $185 +GST annual fee (in addition to the $150 +GST pond membership fee.)

To join the Haviland Club, arrangements are made with the Manager or bartender. Please speak to the Manager or bartender during one of our events, or drop in during bar hours to ensure that someone is present (through the day members and staff come and go). Current bar hours are shown on the bottom of the Welcome page on this site, but usually begin at 4 PM Tuesday through Friday.