The Haviland Club is a social club located in historic Lowden House, named after the original owner, Esther Lowden.

Situated on Charlottetown’s west side, where it originally had an unconstructed view directly out the harbour to the Northumberland Strait, Lowden House is constructed in the Italianate style, with dental mouldings under the eves and a belvedere high on the roof overlooking the harbour.

Although the name of the architect is not certain, it is believed to be David Stirling, who was known to have favoured the Italianate style, and who had been working on other commissions in Charlottetown at that time.

Lowden House is constructed in a square block, with a large bracketed overhanging cornice with dental moldings. The sides are articulated with overhanging bays, which are capped by pediments. The lower part of the front bay extends beyond the original line to form a porch. Lateral “eyebrow windows” mark the roof line, and light an open third floor. At the highest point a delicate belvedere looks out the harbour – a glass room, which some call a “widow’s watch”, from which Mrs. Lowden and her family could sit and watch the sea.

The Great Room looking up

The Great Room looking up

As one enters the front hall one sees lovely crown moldings in a dental style similar to those which trace the roof line and highlight the bay windows. All the main downstairs rooms feature elaborate, beautifully coloured crown moldings.

The interior of the club consists of the Great Room on the main level, a smaller, but still large room, and the tap room or bar.

The Great Room extends the length of the building, its original, thin plank hardwood floors lit by two chandeliers and the light from two white stone fireplaces. With its gracious proportions and excellent acoustics, the Great Room has seen many weddings, balls and music events of all kinds over the years.

On the opposite side of the hall lies a smaller but still lovely room, which the Haviland Club is in the process of giving a name. The smaller room features a lovely rose stone fireplace. It is a more intimate room, dressed now as a lounge, comfortable for sitting by the fire with friends or a book, enjoying the light from the west-facing bay windows.

Lounge Fireplace

Lounge Fireplace

Behind the lounge sits the magnificent, wood paneled and popular bar. Wood paneled, and with a prominent brass foot rail, the bar is a comfortable, snug place to chat with friends.

It just feels like this was a house full of children’s laughter: you’ll find the door knobs set low for small people to reach, and on the second floor a doorway just for children connects two rooms. The many rooms on the second floor now serve as board and meeting rooms, a comfortable lounge for relaxed meetings or for those wanting a quiet moment, washrooms and a ladies’ dressing room. The basement is a place for fun, with two large snooker tables, dart boards, and a multi-purpose room.

Wherever you go in the Haviland Club you’ll find comfort, beauty and peace that is the spirit and the essence of our Club.