The Remarkable Esther Lowden

Esther Lowden, founder of the home of The Haviland Club in Charlottetown, was born Esther Full in Halifax in 1836. She married at twenty; bore three daughters, all of whom survived well into the twentieth century; lost her husband at twenty-eight and her home by fire two years later. And, in 1869, she had constructed the lovely Italianate structure at 2 Haviland Street, the house now known as The Haviland Club, where she lived until her death in 1896.

No picture of Esther Lowden has been discovered (if anyone has one we’d love a copy!), and the newspapers of the day mention her not at all.  She is believed to have been a small woman, five feet tall or less, yet features of the house and certain historical records suggest an individual of imposing strength.

To read the full story with pictures click on link:  Easter Lowden

Web Piece on Esther Lowden: Since the beginning of summer, Bert Christie has been studying the history of Esther Lowden and the Beer family. It has been one of the ongoing discussions at Coffee Club. Bert and Mark visited Esther’s grave in Sherwood Cemetery, and Bert has uncovered a surprising amount of archival information. Any thoughts or comments about the piece will be most appreciated.